What is a .uk Domain Name?

This country code top-level domain is offered for individuals, businesses, and organisations relating to Great Britain.

There are various types of .uk domain names that are intended for different purposes:

  • .co.uk is comparable to .com, which is short for Commercial. Examples include ionos.co.uk.
  • .org.uk is short for Organisation. Examples include nominet.org.uk.
  • .me.uk are intended for personal use. Examples include johndoe.me.uk.
  • .uk was originally reserved for official use, such as with mod.uk, parliament.uk, and nhs.uk, but it became available for public registration beginning 10 June 2014.
Please Note

If you have changed the IPS tag of your domain to 1AND1, but the domain does not appear in any of the contracts in your IONOS account, initiate a domain transfer to assign the domain to your preferred contract. The domain will become active within 1 hour.