Restarting a Domain Transfer to IONOS

This article will show you how to restart a domain transfer to IONOS and resend the confirmation email to the domain owner (Reg-C).

IONOS will inform you by email if, during a domain transfer, certain requirements are not met or the domain owner rejects the transfer. The subject of this email is: Transfer of your domain [] not possible.

Restarting the Domain Transfer from Your E-mail

The email explains why the domain transfer failed and gives you the option to restart the domain transfer.

If you wish to restart the domain transfer, follow these steps:

The domain transfer will be restarted and the confirmation email will be resent.

Restarting the Domain Transfer in IONOS

You can also restart the domain transfer in IONOS.

  • Check that the Prerequisites for a Successful Domain Transfer have been met.
  • If necessary, consult with the current domain owner regarding confirmation of the domain transfer.
  • In the Domains section, open the page.
  • Choose your domain.
    Tip: Enter your domain's name in the search box to find it quickly.
  • Click Restart Transfer.

This restarts the domain transfer and a confirmation email will be resent.