In this article, you will find guidance on how to move a UK domain (,, etc.) to a IONOS package. If you wish to keep your domain with your current registrar but use the domain with IONOS WebHosting, you can Set Up an External Domain with IONOS.

Please note:  Prior to transferring a domain to IONOS, please backup all website files, databases, e-mail accounts, and take note of any subdomains created under the domain as no data or configuration will transfer with the domain! However, you will have the option to keep your domain's current DNS settings during the transfer.

Before updating the IPS TAG to IONOS, please ensure you have access to the registrant e-mail address.

You can also initiate a transfer when signing up for a new IONOS package from the Order Page. When ordering the package you will be prompted to choose domains to add to the package. Simply enter the domain you wish to transfer into the package when prompted and follow the instructions provided.

Follow the instructions below to transfer a UK domain to an existing package with IONOS:

  • Check the registrant e-mail address with your current domain provider and update it if necessary. This is required as the registrant will receive the transfer approval e-mail to complete the transfer process.
  • Once the registrant email address has been confirmed, you can have the current provider change the domain's IPS tag to IONOS to begin the transfer process.
  • Log in to IONOS and select the relevant package.
  • Click Transfer domain from another provider from the Domains panel of IONOS.
  • Enter the domain you wish to transfer to IONOS in the text box and click the Transfer button.
  • (A) Choose whether you want to switch your domain's DNS settings to IONOS name servers or keep your current DNS settings.
    Please note:  Choosing to keep your current DNS settings ensures that the DNS settings for your domain will remain unchanged during the transfer and that all functions will remain available without interruption. If you want to use your domain with IONOS services, you can reconfigure the DNS settings to the IONOS name servers after the transfer is complete.
    (B) Check the box to confirm that you are authorised to initiate the transfer and (C) click the Transfer domain button.

  • An order summary will be displayed. Click Continue to proceed.

  • Your current user data is shown on this page. By default, this information will be used as the WHOIS information for the domain. If no changes are necessary, click continue to checkout.
    If you need to change the registration details, uncheck the box next to Use this data for registrant (reg-C) and administrative (admin-C) domain contact details and click continue to checkout.

  • Review your order summary and agree to the terms of service and contractual conditions. To finish, click Order now.