Forwarding a Domain to a Different Domain

In most cases, any of your domains can easily be forwarded to another domain. You can either set up domain forwarding or connect a domain to an external page. However, there are some circumstances where these options will not be available for you.

In this article, you will find instructions for forwarding a domain as well as an explanation of the necessary prerequisites.


Domain forwarding is easy to set up as long as the following requirements are met.

The domain is in a contract that allows forwarding

This requirement applies to all contracts that contain webspace. You can check if your contract has webspace by using the tutorial in the article Checking Contract Information About Webspace.

There are also some types of contracts that allow you to set up forwarding without having webspace, such as:

  • IONOS Instant Domain
  • IONOS Mail

If your domain is in a contract that does not have webspace, we have some possible solutions for you in the article Domain in the wrong contract.

The domain is not connected to a IONOS Managed Application

A domain cannot be used in any other way if it is already connected to an application managed by IONOS. In order to be able to forward a domain, you must first disconnect the existing connection with the application.

The IP address points to the IONOS webspace

For the forward to work, the domain's IP address must point to the IONOS webspace.

This is done automatically if the IONOS name servers and A record are used. If they are not used, you will also have the option to apply the correct settings when you are setting up the forward.

Forwarding a Domain

Use the following button to forward your domain to another domain:

Log In and Set Up Domain ForwardingSet Up Domain Forwarding

Please note: If the IP address of the selected domain does not point to the IONOS webspace, you will be given an additional option that allows you to change to the correct IP address automatically. The DNS settings of the domain will be set so that the IONOS name servers and IP address are used.

Connecting to an external page

If you want to forward your domain to an external website service like Weebly or a social media service like Facebook, you can simply use the following button:

Connect to an External Page

Verify the Changes

After you have saved a forwarding destination for your domain, a confirmation note will appear on the Details page for the domain. These changes will be applied in the background, which usually only takes a few moments. During this process, the domain will show the status Set up domain forwarding.

Once the process completed successfully, the domain status will change to Active. Also on the Details page, the row labelled Target  will show the current forwarding destination. If any of the data on this page appears to be outdated, it is often helpful to click on the link Update domain info below the domain details.

You have now successfully redirected your domain to another domain. As a final step, make sure you go to your domain in a browser. The address of the forwarding destination should appear instead of the address you entered, as well as its contents.

If the forward does not work correctly, try clearing your browser's cache. Then, try to visit your domain again.