Domain Exports

Domain Exports gives you an easy way to create a report of your domain data to help you better process important information about your domains.  Depending on the application you are using, you can export your data as an Excel, XML, CSV, or JSON file.

Read This Article on the Domain Export Page

We recommend that you use the following button to access the Domain Export feature directly. You can continue to read this article with an additional interactive element in the sidebar.

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Changing the Domain Exports with Filters

There are three drop-down menus in the Filter area. You use these to specify which domains you want to export.


Here you can filter your domains by how they are currently being used at IONOS. You can select all domains or choose only Incoming Transfers, Outgoing Transfers, or Pre-registrations.


In this menu, you can select which type of domains you want to export: All Domains, DomainsOnly, Domains & Subdomains, Subdomains Only, or System Domains Only.


Here you decide whether you want to export the domains of all contracts or only the domains of a specific contract.

Selection of Data Types

Once you have made your filter selection, you can now specify which Data Type you want to export. The first four types are always exported by default and are already preselected.

By clicking in the respective boxes, you can select the individual file type for the export. Under Description, we provide you more detailed information and informative links about the different file types.

Starting the Export

Simply click Start export. Depending on the number of your domains, the export may take a few moments. A status bar will show you the progress of the requested export. You can stay logged in and wait for the download to complete or return to it after you receive an automatic notification email that is sent as soon as the export is complete. The export is available to download for 72 hours.

What Next?

When the export is complete, select the file type that you want to download. Excel, CSV, XML and JSON files are available as a choice, and it will be downloaded to your computer immediately upon selecting one. You can then download your export in other formats or start a new domain export with other data selections.