Private Domain Registration

With free Private Domain Registration through IONOS, we replace your personal details with anonymous data to protect your privacy. Private registration is available for most domains and is free of charge.

Please Note

Private registration is not available for the following domains:

.abogado .ag .alsace .audio .berlin
.blackfriday .christmas .click
.diet .eu .eus .film .flowers
.fr .game .gift .gmbh .guitars
.hamburg .health .help .hiphop .hosting
.in .ist .istanbul .juegos .law
.link .lol .meet .mom
.nl .organic .paris .pet
.photo .pics .property .ruhr .sc
.scot .sexy .tattoo .vc .vote

Anyone registering a domain must provide their personal or company details such as name, address, email address and phone number in the WHOIS database, which is done automatically by the registrar (domain provider).

The WHOIS database is publicly accessible and, therefore, can be viewed by anyone. In this way, third parties can get in contact with the domain owner – for example, to ask them if they will allow the domain to be transferred or would like to sell their domain.

However, this data can also be used for spam mails, unwanted advertising calls, etc.

To prevent this, you can hide your details with the IONOS Private Domain Registration option. We recommend that you enable it during registration, but it is also possible to activate it later.

When activated, the IONOS information below will be displayed on WHOIS instead of the registration details you provided:

IONOS Internet Limited
Discovery House
154 Southgate Street
United Kingdom
+44 3333365691