As an IONOS customer, you can order as many domains as you need for your contracts - as an included domain or an additional domain (depending on the contract). We recommend ordering your domains right from your IONOS account since the new domain will be added directly into your current contract.

If you already have multiple contracts, you can select the contract to which you want to add your domain beforehand. This can be important since your domain and the application you want to use with your domain typically must be in the same contract.

If you order without logging into your IONOS account, a new, separate contract will be created for the domain.

Ordering a Domain

On the Domains & SSL overview page, click the blue Add Domain button. In the next step, you can check whether the desired domain is still available.

Later in the ordering process, we will determine for you whether your package still contains a free included domain slot that you can use for the free domain registration. Otherwise, if there are any costs, we will inform you about it.

Log In and Add DomainAdd Domain

Please Note

Depending on the TLD, it can take up to 48 hours until the domain is displayed in your My Domains overview page.

Getting More Domains Extensions

If you already own a domain and use it for your business, you should protect your brand. With additional domain extensions, also called top-level domains, you can make sure that visitors still end up on your website even when they enter another domain extension (such as entering instead of On the details page for any selected domain, you can see an overview of which other extensions are available for this domain.

With the help of the following button you can view the details of a domain. In the middle of the page, you will find a selection of available extensions matching the selected domain.

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