A domain name that has been detagged is no longer hosted on two valid name servers. This stops any services associated with the domain name, such as emails or websites. Only a registrar can detag a domain name if they no longer have a relationship with the registrant.

Detagging Domain Names

Domain names can be detagged at any point after registration, signifying the end of a contract between the registrar and the registrant. It is not an indication of whether a domain name is paid. If an E-mail or web site linked to the domain name has stopped working, do a WHOIS look-up. If the look-up reports no listed agent, the registration has been detagged.

Restoration of detagged Domain Names

Tags can only be updated if the tag is currently set to 1&1 (1AND1). If the domain has been detagged, contact Nominet to set the tag back to 1AND1.

Registration of detagged Domain Names

A detagged domain name is registered to the original registrant until it is renewed or cancelled by the current registrant. A domain's detagged status is not an indicator that it is about to lapse or become available for registration.

When a detagged domain name becomes due for renewal, Nominet contacts the registrant of the name to confirm that they do not want to renew the domain name. After a 60-day suspension period the domain name will be available for registration by someone else. To register a detagged domain name, wait until the domain name is cancelled.

Please note:  Nominet does not publish exact dates for when domain names are cancelled. You can contact the existing registrant of the detagged domain name and ask them to transfer the registration to you.