This article will show you how to resend the confirmation email for your domain transfer to the domain owner (Reg-C).

Background: For generic top-level domains (.com, .net, .org etc.) and new top-level domains the domain owner (registrant contact or Reg-C) must consent to the domain transfer within a certain time period. He will receive a confirmation email, known as an FOA email.

A WHOIS query lets you check whether the contact details (email addresses) for the domain owner (search for the Registrant Email entry) are correct.

If necessary, you can resend the confirmation email as follows:

  • In the Domains section, open the Details page.
  • Select your domain.
    Tip: Enter your domain's name in the search box to find it quickly.
  • Click Restart Transfer.

This restarts the domain transfer and sends the confirmation email again.

Tip: If the domain transfer has already been aborted, you will also find the Restart transfer link in an email with the subject line: Transfer of your domain [] not possible.

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