Transferring a Domain from IONOS to Another Provider

This article will show you how to prepare your IONOS domain for a transfer to a different provider and how to access your authorisation code right from your IONOS account.

You will need this authorisation code later to approve (authorise) the domain transfer with your new provider.


Please note that certain domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .cc and .tv) must be registered under your name for at least 60 days before they can be transferred to a different provider. This is required by the ICANN directive and applies to all providers.

Disabling Private Registration

If you are using private registration for your domain, you must disable it on IONOS's end before starting a domain transfer.

  • You can check if private registration is enabled for your domain in the Domains section of the Privacy & Contact Details page.
  • Select your domain.
  • Disable the private registration option.

Tip: If the private registration option is not displayed on the Privacy & Contact Details page, it is not available for this domain extension and therefore does not need to be disabled.

Disabling Private Registration Option

Disabling the Transfer Lock

For security reasons, domains with generic domain extensions (e.g. .com, .net or .org) are locked against transfer by default. Before you start a domain transfer, you must disable this transfer lock.

  • You can check if a domain transfer lock is enabled for your domain in the Domains section of the Renewal & Transfer page.
  • Select your domain.
  • Disable the Domain transfer lock option.

Showing the Authorisation Code

The authorisation code prevents unauthorised third parties from accessing your domain. You need it to approve (authorise) the domain transfer with your new provider.

  • You can find the authorisation code for your domain in the Domains section of the Renewal & Transfer page.
  • Select your domain.
  • Click Show Authorisation Code.

Your authorisation code will be requested from the registration authority responsible for your domain. It can occasionally take several minutes for the authorisation code to be displayed.

You have successfully prepared the domain for the transfer and accessed the authorisation code. You can now start the domain transfer with your new provider.

Transferring a .za Domain Away from IONOS

.za domains have a different outgoing transfer process as there are no transfer locks or authorisation codes involved in the process.

To begin transferring your .za domain away from IONOS, you must request the transfer at your new ("gaining") Registrar. Once the gaining Registrar initiates the process, the Registry will contact IONOS to approve the transfer.

IONOS will then contact you through the domain's Reg-C email address, and you will have five (5) calendar days to either approve or reject the transfer.

Once both you and IONOS approve the transfer, it will be moved to the new Registrar within five calendar days.

If either you or IONOS reject the transfer (or no action is taken within the 5 calendar day period), the transfer will be cancelled.

Important: IONOS cannot initiate this transfer. The gaining Registrar must be capable of managing the specific requirements of .za domain transfers. Additionally, you should confirm that all of their conditions are met prior to initiating the transfer, such as creating or maintaining a valid account with them.