This article will show you how to release your .uk domain (,, etc.) for transfer to another provider/registrar using the IPS Tag process with IONOS.


You must have already started the domain transfer to your new provider.

Changing the IPS Tag on IONOS's End

To start the domain transfer, you must enter the IPS tag of your new provider with IONOS.

  • In the Domains section, open the Renewal & Transfer page.
  • Select your domain.
  • Click Change IPS tag.
  • Enter your new provider's IPS tag.
  • Click Save.

You have successfully released your domain for transfer. The domain transfer will start automatically.

Important - Please always ensure that you have checked the gaining Registrar's transfer procedure before changing the tag as some Registrars have a tag approval or 'Handshake' process. For example, Google only accepts a tag change request if the customer has an active Google hosting account and approves the transfer through the email sent to the Domain’s registrant email address. If not approved in 5 days, the transfer request will expire and must be restarted at the losing Registrar.