Configuring Glue Records for Name Servers

Put simply, a glue record is an IP address that is "glued" to a domain or subdomain and saved in the zone of the particular registry.

You need a glue record if you want to use, for a particular domain, a name server that is a subdomain of the domain. This additional A/AAAA record allows the name server's IP address to be correctly resolved.

Creating the Glue Record

You can create a glue record for the domain by accessing the Manage Domains section of IONOS:

  • Select a domain and click the Nameserver tab.
  • Then click the option Use custom name servers and enter the chosen subdomain as your primary name server in the Name Server 1 box.
  • Once you have entered a subdomain of the domain as the domain's name server, additional boxes automatically appear.
  • Enter the name server's IPv4 address and, if necessary, the IPv6 address.
  • Enter the remaining name servers in the additional fields.
  • Click Save.

The subdomains are created automatically and the name server settings are changed.

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