What are the Mass Mailing Limits?

Using the 1&1 Mail Server, you can use the settings for a mass mailing, allowing you to send an E-mail to a large number of recipients. You will be able to send a message with no more than 100 recipients at one time and no more than 200 within five minutes.

When computing the settings for a mass mailing, consider the following points:

  • To stay just below the threshold, send one mail every minute with no more than 55 recipients.
  • Send no more than 200 emails within 5 minutes (or no more than 100 recipients at once).
  • If your contract is less than 5 days old, you can send E-mails to 50 new recipients every 6 hours.
  • Please allow 10 seconds between E-mail messages. This restriction is in place primarily as a security precaution against SPAM.
  • If each recipient is to receive a different message (rather than one E-mail with multiple recipients), then a 10 second delay is required between each E-mail. This lowers the possible transmission to 6 mails every minute if each E-mail has only one recipient.
  • When sending E-mails through a script (such as PHP), this will be done through the 1&1 Mail Server by default. The above limits will still apply. If using a mail server configured on a 1&1 Dedicated Server or 1&1 Virtual Server, there will be no restriction on E-mail transmission by 1&1.
Please note

Before sending, ensure that you have included an unsubscribe link in the communication. This protects your mailings against being flagged as SPAM.