Managing Public Folders for Microsoft Exchange® 2019 in Outlook

Set up public folders to share data such as calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks with other Microsoft Exchange 2019 users from your account.


  • An active Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.
  • At least one other active Microsoft Exchange 2019 account to set permissions for other users. The accounts must be within the same IONOS package.
  • Microsoft Exchange® 2019 is already set up in Outlook. For more information, see the help article Setting up Microsoft Exchange 2019 in Outlook 2019.

  • Public folders have been enabled by an administrator in the Exchange xAdmin tool.

Guided Steps

  • Start Microsoft Outlook with the previously configured Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.
  • Check the mailbox name below All Outlook Elements.
  • Switch to the folder list in the folder area by pressing the [CTRL] + 6 keys simultaneously.
  • In the lower area of the folder view you will now find the item Public folders. You can use the plus symbols to expand any subfolders.
  • Click a folder that you want to edit.
  • Right-click on one of the subfolders to select Properties. As an administrator, you will find various parameters for managing the folder below this. In the Permissions tab, for example, you can specify which user can edit, read or even delete items (e.g. appointment entries) within the folder.

For detailed documentation on managing public folders, see the Microsoft Help pages: