Sharing Your Exchange 2019 Account in Outlook 2019

You can share your mailbox with other users in Outlook 2019 at any time. This allows other Microsoft Exchange 2019 users to access your Exchange account data.

Guided Steps

  • Open Outlook 2019.
  • In the left navigation bar, right-click your email address. Then, go to folder permissions.
  • Set the access rights for the Default group. Click on the Add  button to grant access rights to users in this group.
  • Select a user and click on Add ->. Finish the process by clicking OK.
  • Now you can specify which rights the selected user or group should have on your calendar. Select an authorisation level (owner, agent, etc.) or assign the rights individually. Save the settings by clicking on OK.
Permission Selectable Settings
Read None / All Details
Write Create Items / Create Subfolders / Edit My Own / Edit All
Delete Items None / Own / All
Miscellaneous Owner of the Folder / Folder contact person / Folder visibility