Our goal is to ensure the reliability of your IONOS Mail Basic and Mail Business packages and provide assistance with all IONOS interfaces, products, and your questions.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time. The representative will determine the feasibility of your request and provide a cost estimate for services outside of the regular scope of support (if applicable).

Services Included Out-of-Scope
Ordering/Cancelling your email products  
Ordering additional features, such as extra email storage, additional mailboxes, or extending your email functions  
Helping you create, edit, and delete your addresses in your Email Overview  
Helping you change your email passwords  
Helping you set up your Microsoft Exchange account on your smartphone  
Helping you set up your account in various desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird  
Helping you set up your account in various mobile email clients on your mobile device or tablet  
Explaining how to use IONOS Webmail  
Making sure you are able to create, send, and receive emails  
Helping you set up signatures, redirects, filter rules, and automatic replies  
Explaining how to add file attachments  
Troubleshooting login and synchronisation problems with your email address  
Backing up and restoring mailbox content  
Troubleshooting bounced emails (undeliverable notification)  
Walking you through saving and analysing an email header  
Helping you manage security settings for your email accounts  
Explaining how to manage the Allowlist/Blocklist  
Explaining how to set up external/your own mail systems  
Troubleshooting errors caused by other email providers  
Answering legal questions about email  
Troubleshooting network problems in your infrastructure  
Explaining how to use third-party email clients (with the exception of setting up IONOS mailboxes, see above)  

Premium Services

Email Recovery Service

  • Restoring individual emails/folders
  • Recovery of a deleted Mail Basic or Mail Business accounts

To order this service, please contact our support team.