Creating Public Folders in Mail Business Accounts

Public folders allow you to share appointments, tasks, and contacts with other Mail Business users. This article explains how to set up public folders.

Adding a Public Calendar, Address Book, or Tasks

  • Log in to your Mail Business account.
  • In the top Mail Business menu, click the function icon for which you want to create a public folder: Calendar, Address Book, or Tasks
    Note: The rest of the steps in this guide use the Address Book as an example. Public folders for Calendar and Tasks are created the same way using the respective icon.
  • In the menu on the left, click Add New Address Book > Personal Address Book.
  • Enter a name for the new public address book.
  • Check the box next to Add as public folder.
  • Finish your entries with Add. The newly created address book is displayed below Public address books.
  • Select the address book and click on Three dash icon > Permissions.
  • Invite additional users for the address book via Invitepeople and adjust the permissions as required via Invite as.
  • Complete your entries with Save.