Syncing Contacts from Mail Business with Mac OS X

Your Mail Business contacts can be used as a source for macOS contacts. This article explains how they can be synchronised.


  • Mail Business Mailbox
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or a more recent version.
  • In the Mac OS X Dock, click System Preferences.
  • Select Internet Accounts > Add Another Account... > CardDAV Account.
    On older systems, this menu item is called Mail, Contacts & Calendars.
  • In the Account Type  field, select Manual.
  • Enter the following data:
    - Username:  Your complete email address
    - Password: Your email password
    - Address:
  • Click on Log in.

Please note that all contacts are always synchronised. It is not possible to restrict the synchronisation to certain address books from Mail Business.