If you have an email address with IONOS, you can set up automatic forwarding to have all incoming emails sent to other email addresses. For each email address, you can define up to 10 forwarding destinations.

  • In addition to email addresses, forwarding to a phone number via SMS or to a fax machine is also possible.

You have already created the email address in your IONOS account.

Guided Steps

  • Log in to IONOS and go to the Email section.
  • If you have multiple contracts, select the contract that contains the email address you are editing.
  • Click on the desired email address in the overview to open the settings.
  • Click Forwarding Address.
  • Click Add Forwarding.
  • Enter the forwarding destination in the text box and click Next.

Email forwarding is now set up and will be active in a few minutes.

Creating a Forwarding Address

You can also create an email address just for forwarding emails. Such an email address is also referred to as a forwarding address.

Unlike normal email addresses, forwarding addresses do not contain a mailbox. Therefore no emails can be sent with forwarding addresses.

If you want to create a forwarding email address without a mailbox, we will show you how in this article.