Connecting Webmail and HiDrive

This article describes how to connect IONOS Mail Business with HiDrive. This allows you to save your email attachments (files) in HiDrive and send them from there as well.


You have IONOS Mail Business email accounts.

Enabling the HiDrive Feature For Mail Business

Your Mail Business contract includes HiDrive. To enable this, follow the steps in the article Activating HiDrive. Please note that you will need access to your IONOS account for this.

Once activation is complete, establish the connection between Mail Business and HiDrive as described below.

Connecting HiDrive

  • Log in to IONOS Webmail.
  • Click on the cloud icon in the top menu bar of Webmail. A message window opens.
  • Click on the HiDrive Login button. The HiDrive login screen opens.
  • Log in with your HiDrive account details.
  • Click on the Allow button to establish the connection between your IONOS email account and HiDrive.