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With Telnet you can check whether you can reach our email server from your PC.

    Please note:

    On Windows operating systems, the Telnet client has been deactivated by default since Windows Vista. You must therefore activate it first:

    Please enter the command telnet, the server name and the server port in the command prompt or in the terminal.

    Here are examples of what a successful Telnet connection on our IMAP, Pop3 and SMTP servers under Windows looks like.

    Telnet-Verbindung zum IMAP-Server

    telnet 143
    * OK IMAP server ready H mimapX XXXXX 

    Telnet-Verbindung zum Pop3-Server

    telnet 110
    +OK POP server ready H mibapX

    Telnet-Verbindung zum SMTP-Server

    telnet 587
    220 (mreuX) Welcome to Nemesis ESMTP server