Alternative Options if Your File Path is Too Long for Backup in HiDrive

The path length under Windows is the number of characters needed to find a file, including its name in the file system. For example, C:\Windows\user\my_file.doc corresponds to a path length of 32 characters. When HiDrive backs up or restores objects that have a path length of more than 260 characters, errors may occur. This article explains what you can do about this.

Modifying Path Lengths in Windows

  • Shorten folder and file names: Often, just shortening the file name is sufficient. If this is not sufficient, or the file name becomes too abstract as a result, you can shorten the parent folder names. Note that changing folder names affects all objects that are accessible via this path.

  • Move file: Move the object to a parent folder or, in the case of a backup restore, choose a location in the file system that has a shorter path.
  • Adjust MAX_PATH in the Windows Registry: Starting with Windows 10/Windows Server 2016, the maximum path length can be extended to 32,767 characters. Note that incorrect changes in the Windows Registry can severely damage your system.