The path length under Windows is the number of characters needed to find an object including the name in the file system. For example, C:\Windows\user\my_file.doc corresponds to a path length of 27 characters. When HiDrive backs up or restores objects that have a path length of more than 260 characters, errors may occur. This article explains what you can do about it.

Modifying the Path Length in Windows

  • Shortening folder and file names: Often, shortening the file name is already sufficient. If this is not enough or if it makes the file name too abstract, you can shorten the parent folder names. Please note that changing folder names affects all of the files that are accessible via this path.

  • Moving files: Move the file to a parent folder or, in the case of a backup restore, choose a location in the file system that has a shorter path.
Please Note

Adjusting MAX_PATH to a maximum of 32,767 characters in the Windows Registry has no effect for HiDrive.