With rsync, you can synchronise the content of a local folder with your HiDrive folder. Rsync detects partial changes of your files and in this case only transfers those incremental changes, saving time in the process. If the connection is interrupted, file transfer will start at the last position before the interruption occurred.

  • HiDrive Pro package or another HiDrive package in combination with add-on protocols
  • Administrator permissions in HiDrive or administrator privileges granted by another HiDrive administrator

Activation in Your HiDrive Account

To activate rsync in your HiDrive account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your HiDrive account.
  • In the menu bar, select Settings > Access Rights and Protocols.
  • Click on the pen icon.
  • Activate the rsync checkbox.
  • Complete your changes by clicking on Save.

Applying the rsync Parameters

To use rsync with HiDrive, switch to a program supporting rsync connections.

Please use the following data for configuration purposes and replace %username% with your HiDrive user name.

Field/Setting Entry/Description
User Name Your HiDrive user name (all lower-case)
Password Your HiDrive password
Server (SSH) rsync -rltDv -e ssh .
%username%@rsync.hidrive.ionos.com:/users/%username%/ rsync -rltDv . %username%@rsync.hidrive.ionos.com:/users/%username%/