With HiDrive you can save important data from your iOS device, such as photos and videos, on a regular basis. In case of data loss, you can restore your personal data quickly and easily. You can restore the data to a different iOS device as well.

  • HiDrive Pro Package or another HiDrive package with HiDrive Device Backup add-on
  • HiDrive app on your iOS device
  • iOS from version 12

OS Backup Setup

To setup a backup and to start the process on your iOS device, proceed as follows:

  • Open the HiDrive app on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the menu icon and select Settings -> backup -> Configure Backup.
  • In the field Device Name, enter a name for your Backup.
  • Decide whether you would like to trigger your backups manually or automatically. Automatic backups will start after the app has been opened.
  • In the Data section, please specify which data should be excluded from the history.
  • Finish your entries with Save and click on Start backup.
  • When you start the backup the first time, please allow the backup of the required data types. This setting is only required once.

The following data types can be backed up:

Data Type Values
Photos/Graphics jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tif
Videos mp4, m4v, mov
  • You may only have one backup instance per device.
  • Because of system requirements, no backup of music is possible.
  • The backup can only be performed if the battery level is 30 % or higher.
  • Automatic file storage in the background is not available for iOS. The icon therefore displays how many files are still to be saved.

Restore Backup on iOS

To restore a backup on an iOS system, proceed as follows:

  • Open the HiDrive app on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the menu icon and select Settings -> My Backups.
  • Select the desired backup.
  • If needed, deactivate data you do not want to restore by bringing the slider beside the requested data type to the left. If the slider is already at the leftmost position, no data of that data type are available.
  • Start the data recovery by clicking on Restore data.    
  • Data may be restored to another device, as long as it is an iOS device.
  • Please note: Photos, videos and graphics will be completely transferred to their respective folders on the device.
  • However, with contacts, only the contacts not present on the second device are going to be updated.