SCP is a network protocol for the encrypted transfer of data between two computers. This article explains how to set it up for use with HiDrive.

  • HiDrive Pro package or another HiDrive package in combination with add-on protocols
  • Administrator permissions in HiDrive or administrator privileges granted by another HiDrive administrator

Activation in HiDrive

To activate SCP in your HiDrive account:

  • Open the HiDrive web app in your browser.
  • Select Settings > Access rights and protocols in the menu bar.
  • Click the pencil icon.
  • Activate SCP.
  • Complete your entry with Save.

Applying the SCP Parameters

To use HiDrive with SCP, switch to a program that supports SCP connections and use the following data for its configuration:

Field Value
Username Your HiDrive username
Password Your HiDrive password