With the Upload Share function, you provide storage space in your HiDrive. A typical use case is e.g. in a school lesson. A teacher with HiDrive uses the upload share to provide a link for the class to upload their homework. In contrast to a normal HiDrive share, the use of the upload link does not allow access to other data within the folder.

  • Upload sharing can not be used for encrypted folders.
  • To use the upload share, only the share link must be known. A separate HiDrive user is not required for this.

Create an upload share

  • Open the HiDrive web application in your Internet browser.
  • Right-click on a folder in the left menu bar under Private or Shared. A context menu opens.
  • Select Create Upload Share. The share settings open:
    Password protection: Your share can only be used after entering this password.
    Validity in days: Once the set time has expired, no further use of the share link is possible.
    Maximum uploads: Specifies the number of times the share can be used.
    Maximum file size: Sets the value for the maximum file size of a file to be transferred.
  • Click the Save button. The share link is displayed and you can distribute it.

Editing an upload share

  • Open the HiDrive web application in your Internet browser.
  • In the left menu bar under Private or Shared, right-click on the folder with the upload share that you have already granted. A context menu opens.
  • Select Edit upload share. The share settings and the original share link are displayed.
  • Edit the share settings as desired or delete the share completely.

Access to uploaded data

Only the creator of a upload share and authorised HiDrive users can access the folder of an upload share.

Note that users of the link have no possibility to change or delete their uploaded data. However, it is possible to add more data unless you have restricted this through the sharing settings. Files with identical names are not overwritten, but added with an ascending number.