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For Webhosting Packages with a CDN Plus feature

Please note: In the free version CDN powered by CloudFlare SSL encryption is not available. You can order the CDN Plus feature in the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Pro packages conveniently in the IONOS Shop for the next day.

Enabling SSL encryption with the CDN Plus package means that the connection between the visitor to your website and the Content Delivery Network ( CDN) data centers is secured via an SSL certificate from GlobalSign using HTTPS. The encryption is no longer secured via your IONOS SSL certificate.

CDN Plus powered by CloudFlare offers two variants:

Visitor-side SSL encryption

This option provides an SSL certificate for traffic between the website visitor and your CDN Plus package. However, there is no SSL/HTTPS connection between the ###CDN###data centers and the IONOS web server. You do not need your own IONOS SSL certificate for this function.

Full SSL encryption

The connection between the website visitor and the CDN data centers is also secured here by an SSL certificate. In addition, traffic between the data CDN centers and the IONOS web server is encrypted using your own IONOS SSL certificate. In this case it is necessary to book or activate an SSL certificate for your domain.