Web Hosting Scope of Support

Our goal is to ensure the reliability of your hosting packages and to provide assistance with all IONOS interfaces, products, and your questions.

For all IONOS Web Hosting products, we support the IONOS user interface, server hardware, network, and software included with base installations.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time. The representative will determine the feasibility and provide a cost estimate for services outside of the scope of support (if applicable).

Hosting Services
Services Included with your Personal Consultant Paid Administrative Services
IONOS User Interfaces  
IONOS Account-Related Concerns  
Ordering, renewing, or cancelling your web hosting products; Contract changes and advice  
Programming and correcting any script you use in your website (e.g. php, Javascript, perl, python, ASP, SQL, etc.)  
Using your webspace for your websites (Secure FTP, SSH, and setting up your client)  
Guidance on initial setup and use of your databases  
Changing the Performance Level  
Setting PHP Versions  
Support for configuration of Hosting features (Sitelock, CDN, etc.)  
Guidance on how to access your log files  
Information on the use of IONOS Web Analytics  
Creating Content Management Systems (CMS) via the App Center (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)  
Creating and correcting custom HTML or CSS  
Content Management Systems usage and administration  
Web design services (Creation of pages/content; Copying/editing images)  
Advice about the most common entries in your .htaccess, php.ini files  
Writing specific .htaccess or php.ini policies  
Advice in the event of security incidents  
Interaction with search engine operators (e.g. Google)  
Debugging 3rd-party DNS configuration  

Paid Administrative Services

Paid administrative services go beyond the scope of regular support. Typical tasks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Webspace Cleanup Service (removal of malware and malicious scripts in abuse cases)
  • Backup and restoration of databases and webspace
  • Website migrations
  • Website configurations

Once you contact us, a representative will determine the feasibility of your request and provide a quote (if applicable).

We base the decision to accommodate a request that is outside the scope of regular support on:

  • The issue’s complexity
  • The availability of qualified support staff