For Linux or Windows Web Hosting Packages and Managed Dedicated Servers

In this article, we'll show you how to insert a backup file into your MySQL or MariaDB database.


The data to be restored is already available as a backup file.

  • Open the target database for editing with phpMyAdmin.
  • Click Import in the menu bar. The import settings page will be displayed.
  • In the File to import: section, click Select file and select your backup file.
  • Specify the desired import settings.
    • The default character encoding setting is UTF-8, and since just about every current application now supports this format, you probably don't need to change anything here.
      The format must match that of your data file. The default setting is SQL.
    • You can typically leave the other settings as they are by default.
  • Click OK to start the import.

Your data and table structure will now be restored from the backup.

Error #1044

If the data import fails with a message of the type #1044 - User 'dboxxxxxxxx'@'%' does not have access permission for database 'dbxxxxxx' , please see the article this article for more information.