For security reasons, you need a PIN for authentication when contacting IONOS Customer Service by telephone. You can use your fixed (permanent) phone PIN or a temporary phone PIN.

Fixed Phone PIN

When you create a new IONOS, you will normally receive a telephone PIN automatically. The PIN is displayed at the end of the order dialog and is then stored in encrypted form. If you no longer know this PIN or it has not been assigned, it must be changed or created. For security reasons, a PIN that has already been created cannot be displayed again.

To create or change a fixed phone PIN:

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click the My Account & Log Out icon in the upper-right corner and select Login and Account Security.
  • Click the Phone PIN line.
  • If necessary, click the Change button to assign a new PIN. Otherwise, enter your desired 4-20 digits in the New Phone PIN field.
  • Optional: If you would like to have the newly created PIN and your account number emailed to the email address assigned to the account, check the appropriate box.
  • Complete the process by clicking Create Phone PIN.

Temporary Phone PIN

To view your Temporary Phone PIN, log in to your IONOS account. In the top right corner, click the speech bubble icon.

A new window will open and display your Temporary Phone PIN along with other information. Note that the PIN displayed is only valid for approximately 2 hours. If the validity has expired, open the Contact dialog again to display your new PIN.

If the Temporary Phone PIN is not available, IONOS Customer Service will send you a phone PIN during the call to the email address you assigned to your account.