We are very sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences.

All the information you need to transfer ownership or close the deceased's account is provided in this guide.


To fulfil your request, we may ask you to provide the following:

  • Details of the account holder
  • Proof of death
  • Your details and, in some circumstances, proof of your ID
  • Instructions relating to the account or assets within it

Please check that this information is available before starting your request.

How to Notify Us

You can contact us to start this process by emailing bereavement@ionos.co.uk or call us on 0800 917 6273.

We will review your request and get in touch within 48 hours.

Key Questions

Do I have to be a relative? No, you don’t, but you may need to prove that you’re the personal representative or next of kin for us to take some actions on the account (e.g. transfer ownership).
What if they’re an employee? If the account is registered to a business or company, the business owner or an active Company Director should contact us to make this request.
Do you need paper documents? Good quality digital copies are sufficient for us to check/validate your request. E.g. the Death Certificate details are checked with the General Register Office to authenticate the documents as proof of death.
How long will it take? Typically 48 hours after receiving your request and supporting information (Mon-Fri, excluding Bank Holidays). In exceptional cases, the process may take a little longer.
Can I access a closed account? No. If closed, the data and personal information will be deleted in line with the IONOS Privacy Policy. However, you may be able to recover assets from the account such as a domain name.
Are there any costs? If retaining the account, you must update the payment method assigned to it. Any payments due/overdue will be processed automatically. If closing the account, we will waive any outstanding debt as a goodwill courtesy. Please include any questions regarding payment in your initial request.