Understanding Your IONOS Invoice

We'll show you the most important parts of a IONOS invoice using a sample. They are all similar in structure.

The invoice date, the invoice number, your contract number and your personal customer number are shown at the top right. Please provide us with your customer number for support calls so that we can quickly identify your account.

Products & Services Overview

Below you can see the product or feature breakdown of your package, the billing date of your package, and any additional features you may have added.

  • Service: This column shows the name of the product/feature being billed and the billing period covered by this invoice.
  • Charges (Column at the top): This column shows the amount being billed per usage.
  • Usage: Usage shows the amount of time you are being billed for using the product in the Service line. Depending on the package, billing may vary from monthly to yearly.
  • Net: The net price shows how much is owed when you multiply Charges by Usage (Monthly fee times the number of months billed).
  • VAT: The 20% VAT will be applied to all applicable products.
  • Total due: The sub-total (sum) of the Net column prior to having VAT added
  • Basic fee: Sometimes shown in invoices, the Basic fee refers to the regular monthly price of your product.
  • Charges (Row at the bottom): This row shows the total amount being billed (Total due plus VAT).
  • Other services: If applicable, all other additional features are accounted for.

Selected Payment Method

Your chosen payment method will be referenced.

View Your Invoices

You can view your invoices at any time on the Invoices & Payment Details page in the My Account section and download them as PDF files. We will also let you know about credits or failed debits in this section.

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