In this article, we'll show you how you can easily retry a payment attempt at IONOS. You may want to do this if you had unsuccessful payment attempts and would like to prevent your contract and features from being locked. However, retrying your payment does not always have to be performed manually.

A payment attempt will occur again automatically 3 days after the initial payment is unsuccessful due to insufficient funds on your credit card. If this second attempt is also unsuccessful, a third payment attempt will occur automatically 6 days after the initial attempt.

If all 3 payment attempts are unsuccessful, we will send a helpful payment reminder by email, in which case you may find it necessary to retry your payment manually as described below.

Please Note

It is important that you do not initiate a payment directly from PayPal as the payment may not be properly allocated to your account. Please instead follow the instructions below.

Guided Steps
  • Click here to edit your payment method. Alternatively, from within your IONOS account, you can go to My Account > Invoice & Payment Details and click the Edit link.

  • Enter the details of your desired payment method. If the address of the card's billing details is not the same as the address saved for the IONOS account, tick the box Different address and enter the address in the corresponding field.
  • Check the box indicating Until further notice, I agree that IONOS will collect all amounts due from the above credit card.
  • Complete the process by clicking on Save.

A new payment attempt for the outstanding amount will now be made automatically.

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