Activating Push Notifications in Your Browser

Enable push notifications for your browser to instantly receive information about important events, whether you're logged in or not.

The Push Notifications feature works best with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. If you enable push notifications with Safari under MacOS, you can receive messages even when Safari is not open.


  • Not all browsers support the use of push notifications. So-called "Extended Support Versions", for example Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release), do not support push notifications inherently. An overview of the browsers that support this function can be found at

  • Push notifications cannot be enabled and used in private mode or incognito mode.

  • If you have blocked notifications in your browser, we will not be able to send you push notifications.

Push notifications are always activated for the respective customer number in connection with the device and the browser.

  • Log in to IONOS and click on the bell icon in the top right menu bar.
    Log in to IONOSOpen IONOS
  • Under Enable Push Notifications, click Enable Nowand allow the browser to display push notifications.
  • Manage the desired subject areas by clicking on the gear symbol.
  • Activate or deactivate the desired topic areas by clicking on the respective slider. All subject areas are activated by default. If you have already activated the push notifications in the ###COMPANY_NMAE### mobile app, the settings of the app will be used. Your subject area settings are synchronised between the app and the browser in both directions.

You can disable push notifications at any time by clicking Disable push notifications on this device. In the article Deactivate Push Notifications in Your Browser, we show you how to do this.

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