This article shows you how to change the domain you use with Microsoft 365 purchased through IONOS. The change from one domain to another takes place automatically.


  • - You are using Microsoft 365 by IONOS

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Log in to IONOS.
  • Select the Email & Office tile.
  • In the Microsoft 365 tile, click Select.
  • Under Actions, click the gear icon.
  • Choose Edit User.
  • Click on the Username entry.
  • On the Change User Name page, click Select another domain.
  • On the page Which domain do you want to use for your account? click on one of the displayed domains.
    Please note:
    You can alternatively order another domain via the button Buy domain or move an existing one from another provider, which you can use for Microsoft 365.
  • On the Change username page, enter another username for your domain.
  • Accept your settings by clicking on Save.

You have successfully changed the domain for Microsoft 365.