Change Your Microsoft 365 Domain

This article shows you how to change the domain you use with Microsoft 365 purchased through IONOS. The change from one domain to another takes place automatically.


  • - You are using Microsoft 365 by IONOS

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Log in to IONOS.
  • Select the Email & Office tile.
  • In the Microsoft 365 tile, click Select.
  • Under Actions, click the gear icon.
  • Choose Edit User.
  • Click on the Username entry.
  • On the Change User Name page, click Select another domain.
  • On the page Which domain do you want to use for your account? click on one of the displayed domains.
    Please note:
    You can alternatively order another domain via the button Buy domain or move an existing one from another provider, which you can use for Microsoft 365.
  • On the Change username page, enter another username for your domain.
  • Accept your settings by clicking on Save.

You have successfully changed the domain for Microsoft 365.