For security reasons, Microsoft introduced Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) on 1/6/2022, to increase security for the management of customer accounts according to Microsoft's Zero Trust Principle. The Zero Trust Principle is an IT security concept. Under this principle, the vendor from whom you purchase a Microsoft 365 license is assigned the lowest possible access permissions to minimize potential risks.

If you purchase a Microsoft 365 license as a new customer through IONOS, you must assign the necessary rights to IONOS in the Microsoft Admin Center so that this license can be created and administered in your IONOS account. Additionally, these rights are required to connect domains hosted at IONOS to Microsoft 365. Furthermore, these rights are required by IONOS Customer Service to be able to support you with questions regarding Microsoft 365.

GDAPs are granted by you for a period of 2 years (730 days). Afterwards, you will have to grant the required rights again for security reasons. The granted rights cannot be restricted by you. Also, the granting of these rights cannot be reversed during the above-mentioned period.

Important Information
  • If you do not assign these rights to IONOS, IONOS will not be able to manage your Microsoft 365 licenses. In this case, you will have to manage your Microsoft 365 licenses yourself without the service and support of IONOS using the Microsoft Admin Center. This also applies if you do not reassign the GDAP to IONOS after the 2 year period.

  • To independently manage your Microsoft 365 licenses, you need to have a very good knowledge of the Microsoft Admin Center as well as Microsoft 365. Independent administration of Microsoft 365 licenses should only be done by experienced users. For this reason, we recommend that you assign IONOS the necessary rights to manage the Microsoft 365 license.