This article will show you how to migrate your contacts from Webmail to Microsoft 365.

  • Log in to your Webmail account.
    Please note: If you have assigned a different IONOS domain name to your Mail Basic or Mail Business mailboxes as described in the Migrating IONOS Mailboxes from Microsoft 365 article, you must use the appropriate changed email address to log in. This contains the newly created subdomain. For example, you would log in with instead of
  • Export your contacts from Webmail in CSV format.
  • Open the exported CSV file with Microsoft WordPad and save it.
    Please Note: This step is necessary to import the file back into Outlook later.
  • Import the CSV file into Outlook using the Import/Export Wizard. The steps required are described in the following article in Microsoft Office Help: Import contacts into Outlook
    Perform steps 1-8 as specified there and then specify how you want the contact information from the exported file to be mapped. To do this, click Assign user-defined fields...

    Then drag the corresponding fields of the source file (left column) to the desired target field (right column). To complete the import of your contacts, click Finish,

    For example, to correctly assign the fields in the example below, drag the Sur Name entry from the left column to the Last Name field located in the right column. Then drag the Given Name entry to the First Name field. Perform these steps for all relevant fields that have not been automatically assigned.