Migrating Emails from IONOS Mail Accounts to Microsoft 365

For Microsoft 365 accounts with access to the Microsoft 365 admin center

This article describes how to migrate emails from IONOS Mail Basic and IONOS Mail Business accounts to Microsoft 365.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Log in to your Microsoft 365 administrator account.
  • Click the Admin icon to open the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  • If the full menu is not completely shown on the left-hand side, click Show all.
  • Click Setup, and then click Data migration.
  • Under Select your data service, click Other email sources.
  • For the IMAP server name, enter imap.ionos.co.uk for Mail Basic or Mail Business accounts, exchange.ionos.eu for Microsoft Exchange 2013 accounts, or exchange2019.ionos.co.uk for Exchange 2019 accounts.
  • Enter 993 for the Port and select SSL for the Security.
  • Enter the Email address and password of the account you would like to migrate to your Microsoft 365 account.
  • Click Save.
  • You will then be presented with an overview of accounts that you can migrate. Check the box next to the account or accounts you wish to import, and then provide the email and password for each account.
  • Click the Start migration button at the top of the list.

The connection will be tested and the email migration will begin. You can check the Status column for information about the progress of each account being migrated.  When the process is complete, the Status will read “Synced.” You can then click on Close Connection.