Optimising Website for Mobile Devices

More and more users are using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to visit websites. Google has also recognised this trend and prefers mobile-optimised websites in the search results.

What Distinguishes a Mobile-Optimised Website?

Mobile devices are available in different versions. Most have small screens and rely on touch input rather than keyboard and mouse.

This raises a number of challenges that should be considered when designing a website:

  • Mobile-optimised sites should take full advantage of the device's limited space and use legible font sizes.
  • Since mobile websites are often operated by touch, links and buttons must be large enough and have sufficient space.
  • If possible, mobile websites should avoid large graphics and videos so that the website can load quickly on slower mobile connections.

How Can I Optimise a Website for Mobile Devices?

MyWebsite Creator

MyWebsite Creator offers a variety of mobile-optimised designs. Just choose a mobile-optimised design if you have not already done so.


In the case of WordPress, there are many mobile-optimised themes that can be installed in the WordPress administration area.

Andere Websites

Depending on the technical level of your website, different measures may be needed to optimise your website for mobile devices. Many content management systems (CMS) offer ready-made templates that are already optimised for mobile devices.