Interested parties can register for email campaigns independently via a registration form on your website. IONOS Email Marketing supports you with customised HTML code, you can simply insert on your website. Registration is carried out in compliance with data protection regulations using the double opt-in procedure. This article explains how to create a registration form.

Double Opt-In Explained

The double opt-in procedure (double consent) is harmless under data protection law due to the entry of the email address on the website and an additional confirmation of this registration. Only after the second confirmation does the registered address become active in email marketing and receive campaign emails.

Create a Registration Form

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click on Menu > Online Marketing > Email Marketing. IONOS Email Marketing opens.
  • In the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click on Settings > Registration process.
  • Select the language for the registration form.
  • Click Customise to change the appearance and content of your registration form.
  • Under Standard lists , specify in which of your contact lists incoming registrations should be saved.

The code for your registration form is now ready.


Insert a link to your website's privacy policy in the registration form.
You can find more information on the topic of privacy policies in the article A privacy policy for your own website in the IONOS Digital Guide.

Integrate Registration Forms Into Your MyWebsite Now

An HTML module is available in MyWebsite Now that you can use to integrate the code for your registration form directly into your website.

The Help Centre article Using HTML and JavaScript in MyWebsite Now explains how to do this and what requirements must be met