Easily import existing contacts into Email Marketing by IONOS. This article shows you how to do this and what you need to bear in mind.

Import Recipient's Contacts

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click on the Menu > Online Marketing > Email Marketing tile. IONOS Email Marketing will open.
  • Under the Recipients menu item, click the Add new list button or select an existing list from the overview.
  • Click Import recipients in your list and import your .csv file with the contact data.
    Alternatively: Add the address data manually using the Add recipient button.
  • Click on Check file and check the import settings, e.g. the data field assignment.


  • It is possible to add up to two custom fields to a contact
  • Incorrect email addresses are recognised by the programme and are not imported.
  • If a recipient has unsubscribed from this list, they cannot be added again.
  • Contacts that have been blocked by email marketing remain blocked when the contact data is imported again.
  • Specify whether advertising permission or permission for individual user tracking  already exists for the contacts to be imported.
  • Tick the box under Consent.
  • Finalise your entries with Import .

The import process will start. After completion, you will receive a report on the process.


After the initial import of contact addresses, a check is carried out according to spam criteria. In individual cases, this can lead to access to the tool being permanently blocked.

You can find out what to do in such a case in the Help Centre article: "What can I do if I am blocked"

Unblock blocked contacts

Emails rejected for technical reasons (bounces) can lead to the corresponding contact being blocked. You can unblock these contacts individually. To do this, proceed as follows:

Call up the blocked contact and click on Actions > Reset Bounce Counter in the top right-hand corner. The contact is now unblocked again.


  • This function is only available for individual contacts. It is not possible to unblock entire lists.
  • If further bounces occur, the contact may be blocked again. In that case proceed as described again.

Consent of the Email Recipient (Advertising Authorisation)

The GDPR requires explicit consent from the recipients of email campaigns. In Email Marketing, you can send an email to your customers directly through the tool to confirm their consent. The double opt-in procedure provides you with legal protection. Confirmation links are valid for a fortnight and can be sent several times if consent to receive emails has not yet been given.
Only tick the advertising permission box if you can prove that you have the consent of the recipient.