List Local and rankingCoach

List Local is the perfect solution for a local company. You don't even have to own a website to use it, List Local passes the most important business information to a variety of directories and ensures that this information is always up to date and you are easily found by your customers.

The main goal of List Local is not to rank the website, but to be represented in external portals such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Places, TomTom, or Tripadvisor. These directories provide your customers with quickly available, relevant information about your company, which in turn leads to more customers coming to you.

When you focus on your online presence, List Local it provides excellent SEO value, but much more needs to be done to optimise your site's ranking.

IONOS RankingCoach shows you step by step how you can easily optimise your website yourself. The tool creates an individual action plan for your website from small, easy tasks. With the help of the weekly results report you can check and increase the performance of your website.

If you run a local business and have your own website, you definitely need both products. SEO and directory lists are the must-haves of online marketing. Together they ensure that your company is visible on the Internet.

Please note: There is no synchronisation between the two tools. It is therefore important that you use the same data for both tools in any case, so that, for example, your Google Business Profile is not accidentally overwritten since both tools create or edit this profile.