High-performance customer management, new customer acquisition and expert support for agencies, freelancers and web designers. Share your expert abilities and reach potential customers in the IONOS Agency Partner Network.

Benefit from support and personal advice from product experts and specialists. With the free Agency Partner Program Membership, you can win new customers
in no time at all and increase the reach of your business.

Set Up and Use the Partner Portal

Create your partner profile now. Your customers will see this information when you request access to the IONOS account of your customers. You can change your partner profile at any time.

Add your customers in the IONOS Agency Partner Portal and send a request for access to their IONOS account. Your customer then gives you authorised access so you can manage their products and settings.

To the IONOS Agency Partner Portal

Manage Customers in the IONOS Agency Partner Portal

In the IONOS Agency Partner Portal you can easily manage your customers, send requests for access to the IONOS Account of new customers and manage your listing in the IONOS Agency Partner Network.

All your customer information is in one place and you can focus on what you do best – creating great web projects and helping customers be successful online.

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Create an Entry in the IONOS Partner Network and Attract New Customers

With an entry in the IONOS Agency Partner Network, you present your achievements and expert abilities to the IONOS customer in an appealing way. Simply present your company and your portfolio. By doing so, you will attract new customers and create exciting projects together.

The IONOS Agency Partner Network is a directory that brings together your experience with the needs of countless IONOS customers.

To the IONOS Agency Partner Portal

Project Management in the Partner Portal

The IONOS Agency Partner Portal offers you basic project management functionalities. Create projects in which you can assign domains, contracts, and tasks to your customers.

Content management systems used in the customer project, such as Wordpress, are recognised automatically and get a link for direct access. The website checker can be used to check the performance and security of the project website from within the project.