Block storages provide additional storage space that you can use in conjunction with your Cloud Server. Each block of storage is made with an SSD, the size of which you can specify individually. If required, you can adjust the size of the block storage later.

  • You are in the Infrastructure > Block Storage section of the Cloud Panel.
  • Click Create.

  • Enter the desired name.

  • Use the slider or the (plus/minus) buttons to set the size of the storage block.

  • Select the Cloud Server to which you want to assign the block storage.

  • Select the desired data center.

Please Note

Block storages must be set up separately for each data center. For example, if you have set up a Cloud Server in a US data center, you can only assign block storages to it that are also hosted in the same data center.

  • Click Create.

The block storage will now be created. To use it, you must assign it to a Cloud Server. You will then need to adjust the disk configuration in your server's operating system.