If you have not yet set up a backup package, you must first activate it in order to create and manage backups from your servers. The storage space that your backups consume in total is billed centrally in your backup package. You can configure your backups individually in the Backup Console, which is set up separately for each data centre.

  • You are in the Backup > Backup Package section of the Cloud Panel.

To activate a backup package:

  • Click the plus symbol .

  • Select the backup package you want to use.

    Each backup package has a fixed amount of storage space that is used for your backups. When your package runs out of space and your backup plan is configured accordingly, additional backups are automatically created and stored. In this case, the pay per use price will be charged.

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  • Enter the email address where you would like to receive notifications.

  • Click Activate Backup Package.

The backup package is now activated. You can follow up by opening the Backup Console and downloading the Backup Agent for your servers.