With a Backup Package, you can back up and restore the servers you host in an IONOS data centre. Your backups are managed from the backup console. To perform backups, you must install the Backup Agent on the server to be backed up. You will then need to register the server in the backup console.

Cloud Panel: Overview of the Backup Package Section

The Backup Package section lists the most important information about your backups:

Backup Package: Package you have selected for your backups.

Total Size: The total size of storage space available to you as part of your backup package.

Used: Size of the disk space occupied by your backups.

Please Note

When the disk space of your package is used up and your backup plan is configured accordingly, additional backups are automatically created and saved. In this case, the cost for each additional GB will be added to your invoice.

Devices: Devices that can be backed up.

Notification Settings: In this section, you can configure the notification settings to receive email notifications about the status of your backups. You can choose whether you want to be informed about successful backups, failed backups or about backups that are completed with warnings. In addition, in this section you can choose whether you would like to receive a daily summary of alarm messages. You can enter the email address to which your backup reports should be sent in the Email Address field.

Backup management: In this section, you will find the links to the backup console. A link to a separate backup console is listed for each data center.
With the Backup Console, you can configure and manage your backups individually. As part of the configuration of your backups, you can, for example, specify whether the entire server, individual drives, or individual files should be backed up. In addition, you can use the Backup Console to define a schedule, set the desired file retention period and the level of compression, and activate the encryption of your backups. You also have the option of mapping complex backup routines by configuring multiple backup plans.

Backup Agent for Server: In this section, you can download the Backup Agent for Windows and Linux. The backup agent is software that is required to create backups of your servers. This software must be installed on the servers to be backed up. Alternatively, the backup agent can be downloaded from the Backup Console.

History: The History section shows all the actions that you have performed in the Cloud Panel in the Backup > Backup Package section.

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