Setting Reverse Mapping for a Dedicated IP Address

For Dedicated Servers acquired before 28-10-2018, Value Server Deals, Value Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers acquired before 2017, and Dynamic Cloud Servers

Learn how to set up reverse mapping for the IP addresses of your Linux or Windows Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers or Dynamic Cloud Servers

Reverse mapping is particularly important when setting up your own mail server.

Please Note

Since no fixed IP addresses are assigned to Web Hosting contracts and managed servers, these instructions are not applicable to these product groups.

  • Log in to IONOS and click Server & Cloud  under My Products. If necessary, select the desired contract.

  • In the Server Administration section, click IP Addresses.

  • Select the IP address for which you want to set the reverse entry and then click Reverse Mapping.

  • Now enter the domain for which you want to set the entry in the Reverse Mapping field, and click OK to confirm.

Please Note

It may take up to 72 hours before the settings are visible everywhere. For more information, see the article Duration of DNS changes.