Setting up the Firewall for a Dedicated Server

For Dedicated Servers acquired before 28-10-2018 and Value Server Deals

In this article, we will show you how to set up the external IONOS firewall for your Dedicated Server.

The IONOS firewall offers you the advantage of a dedicated hardware firewall that already supports IPv6. This way you can filter out packets or block access attempts before they even reach your server.

The IONOS firewall is disabled by default, but it can be activated with the following steps:

  • Log in to IONOS.
  • Click on the Servers & Cloud tile.
  • Click Firewall.
  • Click New.
  • Select the IP address and click Next.
  • Choose to Activate the firewall if you would like these actions to take effect immediately.
  • Define a ruleset. You can use an existing ruleset or create a new ruleset.

The selection of predefined rulesets (system ruleset) depends on the server's operating system (Linux or Windows). These cannot be changed but can be used as templates for your own rule sets.

Tip: For help creating your own rulesets, see the article Creating a Ruleset for Hardware Firewall.

Predefined Rulesets for Linux Operating Systems
Rule Description
SSH-only This ruleset only allows connections via SSH.
Linux web server (IPv6 only) Allows access to websites via http and https. For server administration, access via Plesk and SSH is possible.
Linux web and mail server Similar to the "Linux Web server" except this ruleset also allows the server to be used as a mail server.
Predefined Rulesets for Windows Operating Systems
Rule Description
Remote Desktop This ruleset only allows remote desktop connections.
Windows Webserver Allows access to websites via http and https. Remote desktop access is available for server administration.

Finally, click on OK, and the firewall will become activate within the next few minutes.