For Cloud Server and Virtual Server Cloud

In the IONOS cloud infrastructure, all servers are located behind an external hardware firewall. You can configure these via your cloud panel using rulesets.


When you create a new server, it is automatically assigned a predefined (non-configurable) system ruleset (Linux / Windows).


Standard Rulesets
  22 (SSH) 80 (HTTP) 3389 (RDP) 8443 (Plesk)
Linux x x   x
Windows   x x x
  • ICMP packets (Ping/Traceroute) are also dropped by default. If you want your server to be reachable via ping, you must create a new ruleset and allow ICMP there.

  • The firewall is always active and configured with the default policy "deny all". This setting cannot be changed. Ports to be used must therefore be explicitly released.

  • If no ruleset is assigned to the firewall, the server is not accessible!

Creation of your own rulesets

If you need releases that differ from the system rule sets, you must create your own ruleset and assign it instead of the system ruleset.


You can create multiple rule sets, but only one rule set can be active per IP address at a time.