For Cloud Server and Virtual Server Cloud

The KVM console is an application running in the browser window for remote maintenance of a Cloud Server or virtual server cloud.

Unlike the Remote Desktop Connection (Windows) or the Secure Shell (Linux), you can interact with the server as if you were sitting directly in front of it:

  • You have access even if the server cannot be reached from outside. Thus, for example, a faulty network configuration can be corrected directly in the system.

  • You can follow the system messages like on a "real" screen and interact with the server at any time. For example, the server can be booted with other boot options or even with an alternative image in case of startup problems.

This makes the KVM console particularly suitable for advanced troubleshooting.

To start the KVM console:

Step 1

Access the Cloud Panel.

Step 2

Click the Server category on the left.

Step 3

Select a server.

Step 4

Click on Actions in the menu above.

Step 5

Click Start KVM Console.